It’s a Sunday morning and this young lady aged18years wakes up wondering who she can turn to for help! But God is grate she lands in the hands of a near by community church and tells her story. Traveled for miles from her home village after she was disowned by her parents when she got pregnant and gave birth to that baby who is just besides her. After a couple of days; she landed into hands of a good Samaritan in the city who offered her a place for shelter but asked her to look for her own food. After starving for days looking for jobs with a baby on her back she seeks for help from our community church.
NYE has given her some emergency funds amounting to 30$ as a start up capital for a small scale business. We thank all our partners, friends and volunteers. Together we can rescue the suffering youth in our community.

NYE has an initiative to rebuild lives of the oppressed youth , restoration of hope and reconstruction of lives by giving livelihood assistance. We need your assistance to assist the needy youth.

Support the orphns , Support the women in needy