Buloba social sports Club it is a community based sports club that uses sports to foster development of mainly the children and youths as well as the entire community.


To use the tools, unifying powers and values of sports to contribute to education, promote sports skills and to sustainability foster the development of the children and youths within the community.

To be an inclusive community sports club/ village and a national leader in the use of sports and all its tools to foster the development of children and youths physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically within the community.

To provide sporting opportunities that focus on skills development of different sports activities to children, youths and other underprivileged groups from grassroots to excellence.

To use the unifying powers and values of sports to enhance the standard of sports at community level and to promote the education of the children and youths.

To teach and develop effective leadership skills through sportsmanship, captaincy and others to children and youths which will help them combat the challenges of crime, HIV/AIDs epidemic and extreme poverty within the community.

To establish strong and long lasting partnerships with like minded organizations both local and international in order to add a greater value to children and youths within the community.

To construct a sports complex within the community with different modern sports facilities, playing fields, offices, research, training and information center for the use of sports, physical activity and recreation in building peace and understanding in diverse communities.

To encourage good sportsmanship, positive team play and enjoyment of the games according to their rules as well as providing a positive environment and balanced guidance to children and youths that fosters self confidence, embraces goals and nurtures a lifelong love for sports.

To become financially self sustainable through developing a strategy that receives financial support from a variety of revenue streams with a good accountability management frame work.

To serve the surrounding community through the different development, and community outreaching programmes like coaching courses, sports clinics and tournaments, awareness programmes especially on personal and physical health, physical fitness training for women and elderly.

To widen our services to other communities in the country as part of our future developments.

Putting service to our community.
Being open, responsive and accountable.
Promoting sustainable development.
Working in partnership.
Valuing all our members.
Developing and promoting skills