Put a spark in the lives of vulnerable children at an orphanage in Uganda and help out to the diligent local staff. Turn out to be the children’s friend, mentor and carer as you make an important contribution to their daily life.

The orphanages where volunteers are place are basic, under resourced and in need of volunteers backing. Not all children at the orphanages have lost their parents, some are taken into care as their parents cannot afford to look after them and others arrive from abusive homes.  Like so many developing nations, Uganda has a large number of children who find themselves in the care of an orphanage.

You will work alongside local staff to help out with teaching the children, general childcare and the daily outfitted running of the orphanage. Providing the children with the necessary skills in life will help them on their way to thriving futures free from poverty and filled with the same opportunities as others. As a volunteer you will turn out to be a big sister or brother to the children. The children will have their food and accommodation provided for them, but with limited staff resources, it is individual attention that the little ones yearn for so much. NYE also encourage volunteers to instigate their own activities by organising structured activities and games for the children.

NYE volunteers are placed in one regions of Uganda that is  Wakiso. 

Many of the children are mentally challenged and have been abandoned by their families, while others are strictly abandoned children. When families are known, some of these children are able to be reunited with them through the efforts of this organization.

When and if these children are found by caring individuals and/or organizations, they are frequently taken to the orphanages operated by the Missionaries of Charity who welcome them with open arms and take good care of them.

This organization is affiliated other prayers are conducted every morning before the activities of the day start. Volunteers are needed to assist with the daily operational tasks in the home, (due to the current lack of adequate staff), thus enriching the lives of the individuals whom live there.

A childcare volunteer at this placement would be expected to participate in many different activities within the facility. One of the volunteer’s main duties would be in the overall care of the small children. Since the Orphanage accepts new born to three year old, these children require much personal care and attention. However, the volunteer would also be expected to devote some of his/her time towards the needs of the adults whom reside in the facility, as well as help the staff with routine chores necessary to maintain the centre.

Volunteers are encouraged to develop and implement programs and/or projects that would help the residents to enjoy some of the long hours of each day.

A childcare volunteer at this placement does not require having any specialized training but must enjoy caring for the needs of others, especially very young children. A volunteer should be a mature individual who realizes that when caring for people who are mentally challenged, a lot of patience and understanding is sometimes required. If the volunteer is considering a career in the health care profession this placement would offer much hands-on experience.

A childcare volunteer’s help is always welcome by the staffs at the centre that are constantly busy. Volunteers may be asked to assist with the bathing of the children, dressing them, feeding them, as well as helping to keep them entertained and happy. The staffs are incredibly busy, so they appreciate any help they can get from childcare volunteers with the general cleaning of the orphanage and home, as well as helping in the kitchen, especially at mealtimes.


  • Earn international volunteering experience working with children at an orphanage or a community in Wakiso Uganda.
  • Share stories with orphans and act as mentors to them.
  • Guide children in acquiring a variety of skills, such as household chores and proper diet and hygiene.
  • Improve you understanding of the world
  • Live and work in Uganda for a few weeks to a few months and immerse in the local culture.


There are no special qualifications needed for a person to become a volunteer in an orphanage but you should have passion, enthusiasm and care for children. Most of all, applicants must have the willingness to share their time and space as well as to show their compassion, patience and flexibility.

Location of NYE Volunteer/Intern Programs

We have volunteer and intern work placements in both urban and rural areas in Uganda

Start Dates and Durations

We pride ourselves for our flexibility. Volunteers or interns can arrive any day of the year with advanced notice. You can volunteer or intern for periods of 1 week to 6 months. Extension can be arranged with advanced notice as well.

NYE Program Prices

Our fees are extremely affordable as compare to other organizations. Our program fee starts as small as US $250. Program fees mainly help us cover the variable costs, such as food, accommodation, airport pick-up, placement, program orientation, etc. Program fees vary according to the length of your program. To see program fees and what it covers, please click here.


Volunteers on this program will be accommodated with a near hotel/guest house and this will be included on the fee you pay for volunteering.

But in the near future we are planning to build a local host family for volunteers in that we do use that for paying hotels/guest house in developing and empowering the organization


Working days and hours

You will work 5 days a week, leaving you two free days (Saturday & Sunday) to explore the area. You’ll work around 4 – 9 hours per day.


During weekends Volunteers/Interns have the opportunity to visit all that Uganda has to offer. Weekend trips available include visits to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park ,Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park ,Rwenzori Mountains National Park ,Mt. Elgon National Park ,Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Lake Mburo National , Kidepo National Park.

This National Park offers a great Safari-like experience and is one of the biggest Elephant Sanctuaries in Africa with the chance to spot Gorilla , Lions, Leopards & Antelopes in their natural habitat.