People Don’t Take, Trips Take People
Who We Are
Nalongo Youth Empowerment (NYE) is a non-profit organization, created to improve the lives of ordinary people by helping with the challenges the nation faces today. It is our core objective to work for the common man in our country, to uplift and elevate their standard of living.
NYE aims to be a platform for empowering Uganda youth by providing means to education and vocational training. We will also engage with communities to provide Safe Drinking Water to underprivileged areas and to promote the importance of education. Ultimately, NYE Uganda aims to create develop human resources for the benefit of Uganda society as a whole.

NYE is composed of like-minded individuals who wish to contribute to society. Developed and registered with the Government of Uganda.


To transform the individuals and the society, by being the Facilitators of Change, through active participation of Youth, developing a sense of Social Responsibility, Awareness, and Leadership amongst the population.


To promote a culture of togetherness, encouraging active participation of youth towards contributing their bit to the society


Shall ensure that people in rural communities and slum areas live happily and healthily.


  • Fight the spread of HIV
  • Promotion of sanitation
  • Eradication of poverty
  • Educating and empowering the next generation (vulnerable children/youth)
  • Supporting and empowering single mothers
  • Promoting small scale entrepreneurship.
  • Carry out community health care services and sensitizations
  • Build community orphanage schools
  • Reach out to the broken hearted with the gospel massage of Jesus Christ


  • HIV/AIDS Counseling& testing
  • Community sanitation
  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Career guidance
  • Bursaries and Sponsorships programs
  • Development and Empowerment programs
  • Poverty eradication programs
  • Preach the gospel massage of Jesus Christ
  • Human rights programs