Philosophy Of Change

While our focus as a development organisation has been first and foremost to work on the ground for bringing positive change in the lives of the less privileged children and families, we have been making equal efforts to sustain this change, by sensitising and engaging the privileged masses towards their social responsibility.Smile Foundation has always looked upon its own role as that of a catalyst, a means of setting in motion and accelerating the process of development. But the true potential for bringing real, long lasting change, lies with the civil society. Not remaining restricted to the community, and with the aim of achieving sustainable development in a wider social context, Smile Foundation has adopted the principle of Civic Driven Change, making the civil society an active partner in all its welfare initiatives.As a step towards this, Nalongo Youth Empowerment takes a multi-stakeholder approach, where it partners with indigenous community based organisations, international development organisations, local government and civic bodies, corporate, institutions, schools, media, communities and individuals, to exchange knowledge, combine resources and promote the ideal of shared growth.We encourage eminent public figures and celebrities to take up their social responsibility and uphold good causes and right values, as known faces become role models of the society they are part of. We have also made short films and documentaries highlighting vital social issues and disseminated them through mass mediums like television, cinema and social media. In addition to this, mass sensitisation and awareness campaigns, and several other initiatives are undertaken regularly to engage different sections of the civil society.