At NYE (Nalongo Youth Empowerment) empowering youth to become entrepreneurial individuals is a key focus area to us. We will put 6 months we will train hundreds of youth and facilitated them to start up their own businesses.

​Based on all the experience we have gathered within this area we have developed a new and innovative way of training youth to think and act entrepreneurial. We have done so in collaboration with our local leaders and volunteers.​


For us entrepreneurship goes beyond learning about the elements in starting up a business. For us it is a matter of learning the youth to have an entrepreneurial attitude that they can apply to many aspects of their life and improve it in general.


We have developed a comprehensive training manual that takes you through the whole process of training entrepreneurs. 

The methodology and exercises are easy to access and the resources needed to carry out the training can be found here along with other resources if you are interested in going deeper into the interesting field of entrepreneurship.

Aim for entrepreneurship

Our sole aim is to skill youth and inculcate in them the spirit of employability or entrepreneurship. We provide placement linked training in Retail Management, Beauty & Wellness, Office Management, Mobile Repairing, Solar Energy, Construction, Banking & Finance, and more.

The trainees range from college & school dropouts to 10th pass or those pursuing diploma/ degree and are determined to hone their employability skills. A stringent process is followed at our training centres to ensure holistic development through a mix of domain training, digital literacy, English language and work readiness skills.

Our end-to-end training and skills development solutions help enhance youth employability making us the partner of choice for any skilling initiative.


• Make Wakiso a 100% computer literate nation to realize the dream of Digital UGANDA.
• Offer Skill Based trainings to make youth employable.
• Encourage women to join Skill based training program to join Skilled Workforce.
• Help & empower youth to opt for entrepreneurship.

We are also available for advice and consultancies.